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Due to calla lily that means “magnificent magnificence” within the language of flowers, in addition to its associations with purity and constancy, its goblet-like spathes have change into standard in wedding ceremony bouquets. Nevertheless, it was the quintessential funeral flower, so it’s appropriate for weddings, burials or just having fun with its beautiful look.

By the way in which, though calla means “lovely,” the “lily” on this plant’s title would not truly imply something, since Zantedeschia as an alternative, it’s a member of the arum household of tuberous vegetation. Whereas not troublesome, calla lily care could be tough as caring for traditional white species may be very totally different from sustaining extra colourful hybrids.

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Progress Calla Lilies at a look

Frequent title: calla lily
Scientific title: Zantedeschia spp.
Hardiness zone: USDA 7 to 11
Soil: Moist (Z. aethiopica) or well-draining (hybrid)
Gentle: Full or partial solar
Waterfall: medium (hybrid) to excessive (z. aethiopica)
Meals: Natural fertilizer for bulbs
Propagation: Division of rhizomes, seeds
Security: Poisonous

Top view of a single white lily flower growing in a garden bed


Traits of the calla lily

The widespread white calla, Ethiopian Zantedeschia, grows as much as 3 ft tall with arrow-shaped foliage and as much as 8 inches lengthy white “flowers” produced from spring by means of fall. These are literally foliar spathes, the small flowers on their yellow spadix are the actual flowers. Native to the valleys of South Africa, this plant loves marshy soils and may stay evergreen all 12 months spherical, requiring no dormancy durations to flower.

Nevertheless, the colourful calla hybrids are derived from upland species that want extra well-draining circumstances. Related in kind to Z. aethiopica however with smaller spathes in a wider vary of hues, the vegetation vary between 1 and three ft in top.

Colourful calla lilies bloom in late spring and early summer season in zones the place they’re hardy: USDA zones 8 by means of 11 and, if mulched, zone 7. When planted after the final spring frost, they bloom in late summer season and so they require a interval of dormancy earlier than they trigger it to flower once more.

  • Ethiopian Zantedeschia: The widespread white calla lily, this one grows 3 to 4 ft with white flowers as much as 8 inches lengthy.
  • Zantedeschia ‘The Fringe of Night time’: This cultivar grows to about 28 inches tall with “starry” foliage and three inch black lilies.
  • Zantedeschia elliottiana: Referred to as the golden calla lily, this species tops out at 2 to three ft with white speckled foliage and a yellow lily flower as much as 6 inches lengthy.
  • Zantedeschia ‘Purple Sensation’: This purple lily grows to 18 inches tall and has spathes of three to five inch flowers, truly a pinkish purple with a darker purple middle.
  • Zantedeschia rehmannii: Often known as pink or pink calla lilies, this species grows as much as 1.5 ft tall with pink spathes 3 to 4 inches in diameter.
A potted white calla lily next to a trowel and soil


Planting calla lilies

When you need to plant calla bulbs will rely on whether or not you develop them within the south or north.

When is the perfect time to plant calla lilies?

Begin calla rhizomes in spring in most areas. In USDA zones 8 by means of 11 the place they’re hardy, you’ll be able to plant them within the fall one month earlier than common frost. In colder areas, plant them in spring in spite of everything hazard of frost has handed and when soil temperatures are 65 levels Fahrenheit or hotter for greatest outcomes. In case your season is brief, strive beginning the rhizomes in containers and leaving them indoors for a few month earlier than planning to put them within the backyard.

In the event you want to pressure calla hybrids for winter flowering, needless to say they require 2 to three months to mature sufficient to flower. For instance, in order for you them for Valentine’s Day, plant them in mid-November in heat areas. Develop calla lilies year-round in a container.

The place can calla lilies develop?

For Ethiopian Zantedeschia or its cultivars, select a spot the place the soil is all the time moist and even moist. This species will develop across the edges of backyard swimming pools in as much as 1 foot of water. For extra colourful calla hybrids, select a location with fertile, well-draining, barely acidic soil. Callas can flower in full solar in northern areas, however ought to have morning solar and afternoon shade in southern areas.

How are calla lilies planted?

In the event you plan to use natural fertilizer to the rhizomes, place it beneath them within the gap simply earlier than inserting them.

  1. Plant the rhizomes of Z. aethiopica or its cultivars 4 inches deep and 6 to 12 inches aside.
  2. For different calla species or hybrids, plant the rhizomes 2 inches deep and 12 to 18 inches aside.
  3. Be sure that the facet of every rhizome that accommodates the eyes (development buds) is dealing with up earlier than masking it with soil.

Are you able to develop calla lilies in containers?

Hybrid calla lilies additionally do nicely in containers outdoor in the course of the summer season and are typically supplied in kits for forcing indoors in the course of the winter. They are often spaced a little bit nearer collectively in containers than in a flower mattress. Plant only one massive rhizome or three smaller ones in a 6- to 8-inch container. A ten to 12 inch pot can maintain three massive rhizomes. Cowl them with 2 inches of grime. Whether or not in a container or within the floor, calla lilies normally flower for at the least 6 weeks.

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Watering Calla Lilies

Calla lilies like moist or moist circumstances, together with these discovered across the edges of backyard ponds, and their soil ought to by no means be allowed to dry out. For extra brightly coloured hybrids, the soil must be saved evenly moist however not soggy, as an excessive amount of water can rot the rhizomes. For container-planted hybrids, permit the soil to step by step dry out as soon as the foliage of the lilies begins to die again to a dormant state.

Fertilize calla lilies

Feed calla rhizomes planted within the floor with an natural bulb fertilizer corresponding to 3-5-3 on the charge really helpful on the bundle or about 1 pound for each 15 sq. ft of soil. Unfold the fertilizer on the soil beneath the rhizomes if you plant them. In later years, the place lilies are hardy, apply fertilizer to the soil floor after the vegetation have completed flowering in fall. For potted bulbs, use half a spoonful per plant.

Senior gardener pruning a tall white calla lily outdoors


Pruning calla lilies

Ethiopian Zantedeschia it might probably develop leggy in the course of the summer season and doesn’t have the everyday dormant interval. Due to this fact, inside The sudden houseplant, writer Tovah Martin suggests chopping all of the plant’s foliage within the fall in the event you intend to convey it indoors for the winter. It ought to begin rising once more nearly instantly. Zantedeschia hybrids do not require pruning, though you may wish to prune off light flowers to maintain vegetation in bloom and take away lifeless foliage after the vegetation have gone dormant.

Propagation of Calle Lilies

In areas the place calla lilies are hardy, divide and replant their rhizomes within the fall, spacing them aside as described beneath “Planting Calla Lilies” above.

You may as well propagate zantedeschia species from seed, however hybrids will not come true that approach. Soak calla seeds for twenty-four hours earlier than sowing them ¼ to ½ inch deep in a moist, sterile seed beginning combine. In the event you preserve them at round 70 levels Fahrenheit, they will germinate inside 4 to five days, however it could take as much as 3 months to take action. Seedlings normally take 2 to three years to develop massive sufficient to flower.

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Safety concerns

All components of this plant, together with the calla flower, include calcium oxalate, which causes burning and typically swelling within the mouths of individuals and animals when consumed. In line with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it might probably additionally trigger “extreme salivation, vomiting, and problem swallowing.” Poison Management notes that “though life-threatening signs are uncommon, extreme irritation of the throat and tongue can result in swelling, which then threatens to dam the windpipe.”

The plant’s sap may irritate the pores and skin or burn if it will get into the eyes. Put on gloves if you intend to prune it and keep away from touching your eyes throughout that point.

Potential pests and ailments

Whereas deer reportedly do not look after calla lilies, squirrels and voles can dig up their rhizomes, although nobody is aware of if these pests will truly proceed chewing as soon as they “really feel the burn” from the calcium oxalate. To stop depredations by such rodents, you’ll be able to enclose rhizomes in bulb cages or line your planting holes with crushed gravel or hen sand. Put one other layer on high of the soil to encourage pests to hunt out simpler meals.

Close up of the yellow flowers of an indoor vased calla lily


Wintering calla lilies

In the event you reside the place hybrid calla lilies aren’t hardy, you may wish to preserve their rhizomes dormant indoors over the winter so you’ll be able to replant them within the spring. From Ethiopian Zantedeschia it would not go dormant, you may have to preserve it indoors as a houseplant in the course of the winter months.

When is the perfect time to convey calla lilies indoors?

For calla hybrids, wait to dig up the rhizomes till frost has triggered the foliage to die again at floor stage. Deliver a pot Ethiopian Zantedeschia plant indoors earlier than the primary frost within the fall, inserting it in a shiny, cool spot with a temperature between 55 and 65 levels Fahrenheit.

overwinter calla lilies?

To guard calla lilies from frost, gardeners dwelling in areas the place the vegetation aren’t hardy ought to dig up and retailer their rhizomes over the winter.

  1. After the frost has killed the foliage, minimize it again to an inch or two above floor stage.
  2. Dig up the rhizomes and shake off the surplus soil.
  3. Lay them out to dry in an indoor location like a storage for a few weeks.
  4. Retailer rhizomes between 50 and 60 levels Fahrenheit in a field crammed with a lightweight, barely moist medium corresponding to peat moss, sawdust, or vermiculite.
  5. Examine the field just a few instances in the course of the winter to ensure the soil is not too moist (which might rot the rhizomes) or too dry, which might trigger them to wilt.

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