Since SF’s brand-new premium Oriental dining establishment is definitely great

Chef Jongmoon Choi cuts sauteed pork at Suragan in San Francisco, California on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Time traveling is feasible at the brand-new Suragan penalty eating Oriental dining establishment. Cook Jongmoon Choi does not make use of a change condenser or temporal wormholes, however has dazzling discussions with the past via centuries-old recipe books.

In 2015, Choi presented Suragan as a pop-up at Sushi Sato in San Francisco prior to opening his very own dining establishment at the Tenderloin in December. The initial food selection concentrated on Sanga Yorok, a 1450 recipe book appointed by King Sejong the Great.

What makes Suragan so engaging is the means it focuses Oriental over Western impacts. Although Choi utilizes particular Western methods in his food preparation, he was afraid that leaning as well greatly on them could distance him from his heritage. Rather, she aims to 500-year-old Oriental dishes to insist his identification.

At Suragan, he masterfully manufactures the old and also the brand-new, similarly hip-hop manufacturers cut up an example of songs from the past to produce something brand-new. In the process, he has actually come to be a time tourist.

Cook Jongmoon Choi reduces sauteed pork at Suragan in San Francisco, The Golden State on Thursday, March 16, 2023.
Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

The interior of Suragan in San Francisco, California on Thursday, March 16, 2023.
The inside of Suragan in San Francisco, The Golden State on Thursday, March 16, 2023.
Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

From top: A range of recipes on Suragan’s sampling food selection; cook Jongmoon Choi reduces pork in the kitchen area; the dining establishment includes a minimal interior decoration. Picture by Juliana Yamada / The Chronicle

The dining establishment’s present food selection attracts its motivation from the 1600s with Eumsik Dimibang composed by noblewoman Gye-hyang Jang; every 2 months there is a time dive. Choi will certainly be making use of various other 17th-century recipe books via completion of the year. In 2024, Suragan will certainly leap to 1700.

Each eight-course supper ($135) starts with a collection of attacks, which aren’t purely based upon old dishes; this start is where Choi shows his abundant skill prior to going into the tale.

Throughout my gos to, beetroots, a fairly brand-new component in Korea, have actually been offered the kimchi therapy; red beetroots were coupled with sharp creme fraiche, after that a band of yellow beetroots twisted around the cosy goat cheese. Plump, plump oysters was available in an edible covering constructed from citrus flavorful lip balm that thawed in your mouth like delicious chocolate. Fried algae covered crab and also avocado covered in rice flour and also blew rice (gim bugak) was the crispy variation of Chois on a The golden state roll. A cracker-like jeon (pancake) given up dimension for appearance. On the other hand the abundant and also wonderful yukhoe (beef tartare) tasted like beautiful bulgogi.

When you see a great dining establishment, the experience matters equally as long as the food. You’re spending for discussion to one more degree, whether it’s attractive plating, narration, or descriptions behind the development of the dish. In the Bay Location, some great eating facilities like to condense those minutes of direct exposure, however not Suragan.

Suragan's opening bites are less historically driven than the rest of the menu, such as gim bugak (far left) and yukhwe (far right).

Suragan’s opening attacks are much less traditionally driven than the remainder of the food selection, such as gim bugak (much left) and also yukhwe (much appropriate).

Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

There is a collective initiative in revealing the procedure. As each training course gets to the table, the personnel supply a fast recap and also decrease reality sheets replicating message from the initial recipe book, in addition to a translation, and also the cooks tackle the manuscript. This clever method to details concern is completely optional; you can kick back and also appreciate your supper or review to figure out a lot more.

These reviewing products, for instance, exposed that Choi substantially lowered the salt web content from the initial fish canning dishes for 2 chilly meals since the emphasis is currently on preference, instead of long life. First off was a fermented rice meal called sikhae, in which soft flakes of red snapper were contrasted with great smelling fennel shavings and also ruptureds of cherry tomatoes. Following was a superior smooth yellowtail coupled with white strawberries and also asparagus, all seasoned in a yuzu vinaigrette. Both recipes wonderfully showcased Suragan’s innovation procedure.

I liked the updated egg noodle meal, which was surged with a very powerful bone brew and also garnished with 3 single sheets of brownish beef and also white-and-yellow jidan, slim omelets made from different egg whites and also yolks. The yellow pad made it resemble Oriental home cooking of instantaneous ramen covered with a wedge of American cheese. Throughout the Eumsik Dimibang supper, buckwheat mandu took its area with a rough guinea chicken loading and also a tight, completely dry dumpling wrapper.

Sauteed pork at Suragan in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, March 16, 2023. The pork is served with banchan, or Korean side dishes, rice, apple kimchi, backwoods hen jangachi, and green garlic kimchi.
Sauteed pork at Suragan in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, March 16, 2023. The pork is offered with banchan, or Oriental side recipes, rice, apple kimchi, backwoods chicken jangachi, and also eco-friendly garlic kimchi.
Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

The Fish Jeon at Suragan in San Francisco, California on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Jeon is a type of savory Korean pancake, made here with black sea bream.
The Fish Jeon at Suragan in San Francisco, The Golden State on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Jeon is a sort of full-flavored Oriental pancake, made below with black sea bream.
Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

From top: Pork offered with rice, apple kimchi, mushrooms, and also eco-friendly garlic kimchi; a crunchy pancake is made from black sea bream. Picture by Juliana Yamada / The Chronicle

Choi is revealed to be proficient at cooking fish. The poached cod from the initial food selection was memorably tender, however the brand-new half-cracked sea bream jeon was also much better. The pancake rests like a plethora on a soy sauce and also butter solution with carefully diced kimchi put beneath, conveying a veggie crisis.

The main dish supplies the critical ko impact. A 48-hour braised brief rib offered with nut-infused ssamjang (fermented soy sauce) and also lettuce covers was so sublimely melty that the only point holding the hairs of meat with each other was the shiny fat. (This meal is currently offered as an extra $70.) The present food selection attributes pork stomach, which gains from an 18-hour sous vide bathroom and also impressive banchan; hen-of-the-woods mushrooms present the smoke, apple kimchi brings the funk, and also eco-friendly garlic strengthens the tanginess. The majority of significant was just how Suragan had the ability to reproduce those remarkable tops in both supper collection.

Treats are not a second thought. The kimchi cucumber sorbet and also orange-shaped fruit rice cake consisting of makgeolli (rice red wine) gelato penetrate my mind like a tasty thorn.

The How To Store Peaches Suragan in San Francisco, California on Thursday, March 16, 2023. The dessert consists of peach ice cream, mascarpone and almond cream, white chocolate powder and almond crumble.
The Just How To Shop Peaches Suragan in San Francisco, The Golden State on Thursday, March 16, 2023. The treat includes peach gelato, mascarpone and also almond lotion, white delicious chocolate powder and also almond fall apart.
Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

The Cherry Jam at Suragan in San Francisco, California on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Cherry puree is mixed with honey to form the shape of a cherry, with dark chocolate for sprigs.
The Cherry Jam at Suragan in San Francisco, The Golden State on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Cherry puree is blended with honey to create the form of a cherry, with dark delicious chocolate for sprigs.
Juliana Yamada/The Chronicle

Frop top: treats aspire at Suragan, such as peach gelato with mascarpone and also almond lotion and also white delicious chocolate powder; and also the cherry jam designed with sprigs of dark delicious chocolate to remember the fruit. Picture by Juliana Yamada / The Chronicle

The Suragans dining-room is very little in layout, however comfy. Periodically you’ll listen to calming string-based songs, consisting of a drowsy performance of Mia & Sebastian’s style from La La Land. (He sounded 3 times in one go to.) Solution fasts, and also basic supervisor and also drink supervisor Tony Lee will adeptly assist you to the appropriate glass of red wine or soju or you can go with the $95 beverage pairing, which has a mix of both. Particularly, Lee will certainly inform you regarding the incredible Yangchon Chungju (a sort of Oriental rice red wine; $23) and also the brewery’s use snails as an all-natural herbicide for its rice paddies.

In spite of his high spinal column, there’s a scheming playfulness to Suragan’s food: the egg noodles appear like instantaneous ramen, the rice cake appears like a beautiful orange, and also the oyster with an edible covering is simply simple enjoyable to consume. consume. It is evident that Choi sees the previous as greater than simply a message. He takes a breath life and also shade right into Oriental food background.

In a couple of years, as time gradually proceeds, Choi claims he will at some point make a food selection based upon Netflix’s hit Oriental program Squid Video game, in which candidates complete in a fatal race for a prize money. I assumed this plan of attack was even more of an amusing joke, however the search in his eyes stated or else. I think just time will certainly inform.


250 Hyde Road, San Francisco. or 415-376-8853.

Hrs: 17:30-22:30 from Tuesday to Saturday.

Ease Of Access: All on one degree. A bathroom.

Sound Degree: From silent to moderate.

What to order: Sampling food selection $135, beef ribs supplement $70.

Transportation: Near the Civic Facility terminal.

Drinks: Beer, red wine, soju and also makgeolli.

Finest methods: The brief rib is a fantastic enhancement (one offering offers 2) and also the dish matches a glass of Yangchon Chungju.

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